Positive Psychology Challenges

This semester, my very last semester (!), I am taking a seminar course called Positive Psychology. When we tend to think about psychology, we seem to view it as a discipline that looks at the world in terms of pathology. How can we diagnose people? What is wrong with this person? What is wrong with this world? We ask those type of questions.

However, positive psychology, sometimes referred to as “happy psychology”, looks to how positive emotions and experience can be increased in individuals. Basically, it is the study of what goes right in life.

Each class, my professor gives us certain challenges and activities to be done during the week. Our major project is to keep a journal/portfolio of all of these activities. And what better way than to document them here!

Thought I’d share ’em and hopefully encourage others to start thinking about their day, their surroundings, life, in a more positive way.

As the weeks go by, I’ll be adding more to the list below. So click away!

Week 2 – Savouring

Week 3 – 3 Good Things

Week 4 – Philanthropy and Hedonism

Week 5 – Letter of Gratitude

Week 6 – Character Strengths

Week 7 – Maximizers and Satisficers

Week 9 – Relationship Advice

Week 11 – Goal Setting

Check out positive psychology at work on the internet:

1000 Awesome Things

Happy Rambles

Gives Me Hope


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