3 Good Things

This week, for our class’ Positive Psych Challenge,  we were instructed to

1. Write down 3 good things that happened that day

2. Record why it happened

3. Repeat each day for one whole week

Doing your own 3-Good-Things-A-Day is quite enjoyable, especially because you have a knowledge of all the memories attached to your entries and your own personal reasons as to why they were good. Here are my good things and their causes (Friday and Saturday were my favourite days with Saturday being the most random):

1. Warm tea in the morning – took extra time in the morning to make tea and use my new travel mug. I’ve never taken anything besides water to school before
2. Wings Night with friends – took a break from school work
3. Ate a Blueberry Bagel with Strawberry Cream Cheese – a new experience for me. SO GOOD. Decided to buy some food because I was staying on campus to work on my thesis

1. Ran in to friends on the bus to AND from school – happened to catch the same bus
2. Tobogganing – decided to join some friends who were going. And the weather was perfect!
3. Very productive time working on my thesis – only had a one hour slot of time to work on it and knew that there was a lot to get done

1. Walked to campus – The bus was late so decided to get some exercise instead of waiting for it
2. Productive time working on thesis – reached a state of flow
3. Preparing supper – set aside an hour to cook an actual meal

1. DQ Ice Cream Cake – it was a friend’s birthday. I LOVE Dairy Queen.
2. Good Group Discussion at YA (Young Adults) – people had great input
3. Dinner out with friends – decided to keep spending time with friends instead of going straight home

1. Family visit – parents came up to return my brother’s newt. Got to visit with both parents and one of my brothers and his girlfriend.
2. Browsing a bookstore with Dad – decided to join him because he always has good recommendations and I know that every time I go with him I’m inspired to read more
3. Free Groceries – my mom brought me some much needed food items. Thanks Mom!

1. Photographing baby octopuses – the octopuses were part of my roommate’s class assignment. After using them, we decided to let them have a photoshoot. View the randomness here.
2. Dancing with roommate – my other roommate and I were getting sleepy in the afternoon. I put on upbeat music. We rocked out… in the kitchen.
3. Hot tub hangout with friends – finished all my readings beforehand and was able to relax. I also managed to make a snow angel while in my bathing suit. It was cold, but I felt accomplished.

1. Good message at church – Pastor preached on faith.
2. Tried a Snuggie – I was cold and at my brother’s place and his girlfriend offered to let me try her Snuggie!
3. Warm soup after a long day at work – My housemate had just finished making some Butternut Squash Soup as I was coming home late that night from work. Delish.

Overarching themes? Food, friends, and schoolwork.

Some days I had a hard time choosing my top three because there were so many good things that happened that day. However, I have to admit that on other days it was difficult to think of even 3 good things (especially at the beginning of the week where my days were mostly filled with schoolwork). However, during these times I had to make myself more aware of what I was enjoying. It’s important to go about your day thinking of its highlights and realizing what it is that you enjoy. That way, you can make of point of doing more of it!

Think it would be hard to remember to think of 3 Good Things at the end of each day? No worries, this website can help you.

What are 3 Good Things that you experienced today?

“This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24


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    overcoming1 said,

    I Bet you want a Snuggie now too!

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