Para Juanita

Last November, a friend had a birthday and asked that I make her a case for her cell phone. I’ve knit a few over the years and was excited to create one especially for her. Thought I’d share some pics of the little guy.


The materials - yarn, a selection of buttons (!), thread

The finished product


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  1. 1

    Mom said,

    I remember the excitement of the very first one you made…
    You should prepare yourself for the need to mass produce these now that people will know of your talent!

  2. 2

    amandakait said,

    Haha. Yeah my first one was back in gr. 10 for my iPod and I made an identical one for Steph.

    Now I even have guys asking me to make them one. Sometimes they sound serious…

  3. 3

    Joanna said,

    Hehe:) I didn’t realize there were pictures taken!

    I love my cell phone case. I actually thought I lost it the other day and was so sad…but alas there it was in my coat pocket:)

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